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The world’s fastest time management tip for CEOs

“Only do what only you can do.” That’s it. Only do what only you can do. Otherwise delegate, until there is no-one else to delegate to. An boss of mine years ago banged this into my head, and it’s still … Continue reading

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Do CEOs experience less stress than their staff?

A study reported in Time claims that, contrary to popular belief, CEOs actually experience less stress than their staff. Actually, that was a side-effect. The core finding of the study was that those who have more control over their day have lower … Continue reading

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What if you don’t actually want to break for lunch?

I don’t need breaks during the day. (New research from Stanford suggests that this might not be misplaced arrogance, but rather a function of my beliefs about willpower. If I don’t think I need breaks, probably I don’t need breaks. … Continue reading

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Monday resolution: Do you know your churn rate? Do you track it?

Regular readers will know I am a big fan of The Lean Startup, a guide to nimble innovation for large and small businesses. This weekend I’ve been re-reading it, and here’s what I’m going to do differently on Monday as … Continue reading

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To make better decisions, operate on autopilot as much as possible

A few posts back, I wrote about the large number of decisions I need to make as a CEO. I just came across a piece in this month’s Vanity Fair that puts my decision burden into perspective. In it, Barack Obama explains … Continue reading

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Stress, Fortune magazine, and being a great CEO

Forbes has just published an interesting article on the relationship between stress and decision-making. I’ve long struggled with stress, but not in the way you might think. Here’s my problem: I get stressed, and I don’t think it’s a problem. In … Continue reading

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Using Google Alerts to drive sales

Most people already know how to use Google Alerts to make sure they’re keeping abreast of news about their own company, their competitors, and their personal brand. (If you haven’t already put in the keywords for these things, I suggest … Continue reading

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The web’s best business blogs for CEOs

A friend asked me for business blog recommendations the other day, and I told her my top five. In no particular order: 1. TO IMPROVE BUSINESS DECISIONS: Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik. Avinash is a real evangelist for using insights from analytics to … Continue reading

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Operational planning and fast-growth companies

I’m meant to be coming up with an operational plan. I HATE this task. Here’s what I want to say to the guy who told me to make one: “Can’t we just get on and grow the company, rather than … Continue reading

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Maybe a coach will help me make decisions

One of the hardest things I find about being a CEO is having to make so many decisions. It’s worth noting that I spend a lot of time thinking about how to create a company in which I hardly need … Continue reading

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