The web’s best business blogs for CEOs

A friend asked me for business blog recommendations the other day, and I told her my top five. In no particular order:

1. TO IMPROVE BUSINESS DECISIONS: Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik. Avinash is a real evangelist for using insights from analytics to make good business decisions, especially anything web-related. I’ve written before that Avinash’s book is on my dresser (and some day I really will finish reading it). His blog is equally useful for real detail on using analytics to win on the web. CEOs of ecommerce firms really should be reading it. CEOs of other sorts of firms might want to leave this one for their Head of Ecommerce…

2.  TO GET BETTER AT SELLING: I really admire the plain speech and wisdom from experience displayed in Sam Reese’s blog. He’s the CEO of Miller Heiman, a specialist sales company, and a great inspiration for any CEO wanting to blog.

3. TO KEEP ABREAST OF MANAGEMENT FADS: The Harvard Business Review blog.I have a love-hate relationship with this one. The posts are always short, which is good. They’re also usually pretty superficial, which isn’t. Rarely do I take away something truly profound. Even worse, they have a habit of overpromising and underdelivering on their blog titles. However as a whole, the blog tends to make me ponder on important topics — motivation, empowerment, customer segmentation, whatever — for a few seconds longer in my morning than I otherwise would. And that alone makes it worth the read.

4. FOR WORK-LIFE BALANCE INSPIRATION: Penelope Trunk. I forward to others Penelope’s emails more than I do any other blogger’s. Even though I frequently disagree with her ‘advice on the intersection of work and life’, it’s always highly readable and sometimes applicable. The comments are great, too. Unlike the HBR’s comments, which tend towards the bland, Penelope’s commenters aren’t afraid to tell her she’s talking out of her arse.

5. TO NAVIGATE SOCIAL MEDIA: In his blog The Sales Lion, Marcus Sheridan writes about using the web to drive business, particularly focussed on social media. You may not like Marcus’s super-hokey style, but if you can stomach it, you’ll find some real wisdom in his posts. He’s all about user engagement, and practices what he preaches — he’s great at writing back to commenters. All up, Marcus has to be one of the nicest business bloggers out there. (‘Plain dang nice’ is probably how he’d put it, although he’s far too humble to write that about himself.)

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