To make better decisions, operate on autopilot as much as possible

A few posts back, I wrote about the large number of decisions I need to make as a CEO.

I just came across a piece in this month’s Vanity Fair that puts my decision burden into perspective. In it, Barack Obama explains that there’s a reason he only wears gray or blue suits:

“I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

As others have reflected, making too many decisions about mundane details is a waste of mental energy. Instead, we should operate in autopilot for as many things as possible.

I like this idea a lot. Over the next week, I’m going to try to identify a few things that I can move onto autopilot in order to free up mental space for decision-making.

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2 Responses to To make better decisions, operate on autopilot as much as possible

  1. David Cheng says:

    It’s a good idea and I would love to see how you go with it. The only thing I think you need to be careful of, is that your people may see your lack of decisions in a particular area and attribute some other characteristic to you.

    For example, The CEO only wears one color all the time = lack of creativity or
    The CEO always just does the same thing = He doesn’t really care about this thing (which some staff may think of as very important)

  2. Thanks David – will keep an eye on this and let you know!

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