Using Google Alerts to drive sales

Most people already know how to use Google Alerts to make sure they’re keeping abreast of news about their own company, their competitors, and their personal brand. (If you haven’t already put in the keywords for these things, I suggest you do that right now.)

Lately, however, I’ve also been experimenting with putting in the names of my top 100 B2B sales targets. I spent a few minutes adding literally every single one of their names to my Google Alerts.

They’re not in the news that often, any of them. However, there’s always a chance that someone will present at a conference, or get mentioned in minutes of a meeting, or be appointed to a new job. Then it’ll show up in my inbox as a Google Alert email.

What’s the point? Mainly I want to have excuses to contact these people. Months ago, when the last Honours list came out, I saw one of my targets received an honour. I sent him a card, and he emailed back to say thank you. Bingo! Contact reignited.

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